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“ Team Escronics did a great job in helping me source a hard to find, obsolete component. My normal broker with whom I used to work could not find the quantity I needed, but team they not only found the components and the quantity I was looking for, they found them at a good price. Since then, Escronics has been my one stop for all my electronic needs. My requests are immediately answered and their hard work and diligence have bailed me out several times. I would definitely recommend Escronics for all your electronic components sourcing needs. “


“ Team Escronics level of dedication to our search went above and beyond what we could have ever hoped for. Through your efforts we were able to secure a part which we were struggling to source. Your willingness to work late in order to contact international suppliers in a timely manner did not go unnoticed. I will keep your contact as a priority provider for any future parts which we are unable to secure. All the best to Team Escronics. “


“ Escronics did a great job in sourcing the parts we needed. We were always kept informed of where we were in the delivery process, I appreciate your clear communication and transparent approach with your customers as in the past, we were defrauded of money and given counterfeit goods. Which made us hesitant to work with international brokers online, however team Escronics made sure we received genuine parts without spending unnecessary money or time. I am looking forward to continuing to work together on our future orders. “

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